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Choose a Local Catering Service

Learn about our comfort soul food restaurant in Charlotte, NC

Owner Marcus Gill taught himself everything he knows about soul food and catering. His main source of inspiration for Shell's Kitchen is his son, Makai, who’s also featured on our logo. Marcus took a leap of faith and dove headfirst into this business, not knowing how successful it would become. You’ll see why our satisfied customers rave about our food once you take your first bite.

Experience what authentic soul food tastes like in Charlotte, North Carolina. Call 980-999-1327 now to place your order.

There’s no room for discouragement here

It’s hard to get down when you’re around great food. That’s why Marcus was able to keep his spirits lifted when he started Shell's Kitchen. We put our heart and soul into every dish we make. You’ll feel warm and cozy once you’ve eaten your fill.

We also provide local and long-distance catering services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact us today for more information.